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Building Bridges

The #1 Diversity and Inclusion Workplace Training System That Actually Produces Diverse Workplaces


The #1 human services training firm in Ohio with over 16,000 annual participants and over 20+ years of merit, with Building Bridges, Presidential Consultants has solved what's wrong with traditional diversity programs to actually achieve real, sustainable results. 

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Our secret?
We call it
Diligent Diversity™ 

You’ve just found the #1 diversity training course that employees won’t roll their eyes at, but rather feel truly included, empathetic, and incredibly enthusiastic about diversity.

Book a FREE demo today ($65 value) while we still have availability to see firsthand how Building Bridges will transform your workplace into a flourishing and diverse community of employees the RIGHT way.

(Revealed) Why Other Diversity Programs DON’T Get The Same Results As Building Bridges

As an HR manager, executive director, or office manager, you need to be VERY careful about what programs you choose to educate your employees with.

Choosing the WRONG program can very likely spark a backlash, promote bias, and inevitably decrease diversity. Here’s why:

  • Most diversity programs only address the basics: ethnicity and gender. They fail to include ALL forms of diversity, including generational gaps, mental health, communication, and religious beliefs.

  • They also fail to educate, inspire, or engage the majority, resulting in an “us vs. them” mentality that can worsen attitudes and behaviors. 

  • A “forced” feeling that deters employees from listening or acting on the education

And even just making 1 of these catastrophic mistakes can result in increased agitation, noticeable decreases in diversity, or millions of dollars in lawsuits.

That’s where Building Bridges’ Diligent Diversity™ comes into play.


"I just wanted to thank you for making this accessible. I am in tears watching this as a parent and thinking of the true impact this could make for so many. I don't know if the entire staff here will be taking this training but it is awesome. I just wanted to say, thank you!"

—  Karen H., Toledo Public Schools

This Is What True Diversity Looks Like

After decades in the industry, we’ve discovered 3 pillars that lead to real, sustainable results, leading to a happier, safer, and more productive workplace.


Focused Objectives

By informing employees of the desired goal and objectives, they’ll view the diversity training as an inclusive team effort.

Once they see a clear picture of WHY diversity training is so important, and HOW it also benefits themselves (which most diversity courses fail to explain) your employees and managers will find more incentive to fully engage with what they learn.


We looked at proven psychological techniques that lead to real change. Instead of forcing a change of view, we successfully encourage employees and managers to feel true empathy about the situation, picture themselves in the shoes of others, and actually WANT to make a change.


Building Bridges goes beyond to include ALL forms of diversity, such as generation gaps, mental health, language and communication issues, and religious beliefs.

Operating from Empathy

Diligent Diversity


What’s Included In The Course:

Participants will learn the following:

  • How to develop awareness and understanding of the dimensions of diversity and its value in the workplace

  • How to identify the components of culture and its influence on the individual and their personal and professional relationships

  • The definition, challenges, and potential effects of implicit bias in the workplace

  • An understanding of how upstream decisions create a downstream impact on daily life 

  • Skills to recognize and release the bias that employees may consciously or unconsciously hold.

  • How to create a culture of diversity and inclusion at work through employees implementing their own personal action plan

Course Options:

This course is an in-person and online hybrid that can be modified to accommodate the needs of your specific organization. You can choose, mix, and match any of the 4 methods below:

1. 90-Minute Learning Lab - Ideal for any group size, as part of a larger event/conference or as a stand-alone team meeting or webinar. Designed for team members to walk away inspired and empowered with actionable tools to support the desired workplace culture.

2. A 3-to-6 Hour Workshop - Perfect for small to midsize groups, as a specialized breakout course within a larger event/conference or as a stand-alone team meeting or webinar. Perfect for teambuilding and immediate inspiration.


3. An Interactive 2-Day In-Person Training - Designed for organizations who are committed to creating an immediate cultural shift. Mid-size and small groups thrive in this model. With this full-scale program development, team members walk away transformed, with the tools and plans needed to affect immediate change that is tangible and measurable. Includes a 90-minute BONUS group coaching session with up to 5 selected managers/leaders to maintain the renewed culture.

4.  NEW! LIVE Instructor Led Online Training - Attend a LIVE, Instructor led online course.  Courses are 2 hours in the morning across 4 days over 2 weeks. Want a Train-the-Trainer Certification?  Join us for an additional 2 hours in the afternoons to be certified and take the information back to your staff!

Lessons And Principles Included In This Course:


Introduction & Overview

Goals & Objectives

Upfront Agreements

Your ‘Why’

Exercise: A Vision for Diversity

Understanding Diversity & Its Many Dimensions

What is Culture?: The Impact of Culture on Me and Others

How and Why is Culture Important?

Errors in Assessing Difference

Exercise: Playing Judge, Jury and Jailer

What Does it Matter?: Culture & Diversity in the Workplace

The Value of Diversity: Best Practice. Best Ethics. Best Outcomes.


The Hidden Self: Exploring Implicit Bias

Exercise: Test Yourself – Implicit Association Test

What Birthed Your Bias?

How Racism Was Invented: Understanding the Past and Its Connection to the Present

Death by a Thousand Cuts: Microaggressions in the Workplace

Capstone: Bias Cleanse


The Sobering Reality about Race

Understanding Dominant Group Dynamics

A Stye in Your Eye: How to Address What’s Difficult to Access

The Cost of "-isms"

Exercise: If You REALLY Knew Me


Operating from Empathy: Walking toward an Inclusive Workplace

Exercise: Watch Your Wake – Downstream Impacts of Your Upstream Decisions

Diversity as an Ongoing Practice

Oops, I Did it Again – Falling Back into Old Habits

Cultural Proficiency & Beyond: Capstone Review & My Personal Action Plan

  • Corporate C. A. T. Scan™  — an upfront assessment tool that provides insight into the pervasive attitudes and behaviors affecting the organization

  • Post-series group coaching session with up to 5 selected leaders to champion the ongoing diversity practice

  • Microlearning Modules – Four short, 3- to 9-minute online modules delivered via email throughout the engagement to help participants improve retention by reinforcing key lessons learned during the series

  • 90-Day Survey – A short participant survey to identify areas where culture has shifted since completing the series and an understanding of where additional support may be required

Unique Features:

Diversity Starts With You.

As an HR manager, the decision to empower minorities and encourage inclusion and diversity rests in your hands. 


Luckily, you’ve just found the world’s best diversity training course specifically designed to address everything wrong with diversity training, and replace it with proven solutions that rely on empathy and inclusion rather than force and blame.

Ready to be the diversity hero of your office? Sign up now for your FREE demo!

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