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We help build work environments where employees enjoy their jobs more and perform their work better.

The Presidential Experience

For the past 20 years, our focus at Presidential Consultants has been helping organizations create corporate cultures that inspire better employee performance, productivity and partnership.  Thousands of organizations across the globe have trusted us to help their staff lead, serve and work better.  


We train over 16,000 people at live in-person and virtual events each year.


Our training team includes several award-winning, nationally recognized industry experts and best-selling authors.

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We stand behind the training we deliver with our 100% guarantee.


Featured Courses

Understanding Communication Styles

Every employee has a unique way of interacting and exchanging information.  Understanding each other’s communication style is central to effective cooperation, collaboration and camaraderie.

Leading Through Layoffs

During times of impending layoffs, managers are afforded a short and narrow pathway that — when followed — can alleviate the anxiety and uncertainty experienced by all employees.

Combatting Compassion Fatigue

Once relegated to doctors, nurses and those in the helping professions, in our post-pandemic world, people across all professions require support to fight compassion fatigue.  

Diversity & Inclusion in the Changing Workplace

Creating a corporate environment where diverse cultures feel valued and welcomed is a business necessity.  How we come to understand diversity however, is rapidly changing.


Methodologies & Modalities

You want a training and coaching partner who is engaging, effective and produces measurable results.  That’s the core of what we do at Presidential Consultants.  From a boutique agency in Cleveland, Ohio, we have grown to become a national leader in building better workplaces  through award-winning, evidence based, training and coaching solutions. Using tools like our proprietary Corporate C.A.T Scan ™ (Culture, Attitudes and Triggers) system, we get a cross-sectional look into the pervasive attitudes and behaviors that are the true markers of your organization’s overall health.  Armed with this insight as well as your organizational objectives and core values, the customized training and coaching solution developed for your organization will have an immediate and transformational impact on your staff, customers and community stakeholders.  

The market changes.  Customers change.  Priorities change.  At Presidential Consultants, we build better workplaces by using these natural inflection points as a driving force to help your organization lead, serve and work better.  At the foundation of our methodology is the Cycle of Continuous Improvement ™. 

Coaching Solutions

Our Clients

Thousands of companies across the globe have trusted Presidential Consultants to empower and inspire their employees and help build better workplaces.

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What Our Clients Say!

I was impressed with Presidential Consultants because they took the time to learn about our organization and integrated situations specific to us in the discussion.  The trainer was upbeat and heartfelt.

Leslie Thomas VP of Finance

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